When the adorable kitten with the odd eyes grows up to be a magnificent cat, everyone is overjoyed.

When one family’s cat started gaining a bit of weight, they thought it might be a good idea to change its diet. However, one morning, they were surprised to discover that the cause of these changes was that it had “a kitten” !

They were completely unprepared to build a home let alone raise more kittens like that, so they started thinking about what to do. The family were surprised to see a new litter of kittens, at first they didn’t know what to do so they asked family and friends for help to see who wanted to adopt some of the kittens is not.

The cute cross-eyed tiny kitten transforms into a beautiful cat that makes everyone smile

That’s when a woman named Janine and her family appeared.

Grieving the loss of a close friend around the time the kittens were born, Janine and her family recently lost their dog. When kitten owners contacted Janine, she realized she might have found someone to fill the void left by their beloved pup. “I really want a cat.” Janine shared. “I’ve never had a cat, but I just think kittens are cute.”

Unfortunately, her parents don’t seem to agree with the idea of adopting a cat child. They said they wouldn’t have cats. However, Janine discovers that her parents’ words are not what they seem.

The cute cross-eyed tiny kitten transforms into a beautiful cat that makes everyone smile

Unexpectedly, even though Janine’s parents told her they wouldn’t have a kitten, they actually wanted one too.

Janine’s dad has been on a secret mission to see the cats and plans to bring one home.

He chose a small female cat, later named Gizmo, and thought Janine would get along. He was about to go home when he suddenly realized something important. Two More Than One Janine’s Dad looked at Gizmo and realized that she was going to miss her siblings.

The cute cross-eyed tiny kitten transforms into a beautiful cat that makes everyone smile

He’s just about to adopt a kitten, but Gizmo is undeniably excited to be growing up with his siblings. So he chose another one, who was eventually named Fritz.

“Fritz has been added as a bonus kitten.” In a way, she was an accidental adoption. When her father was finally satisfied with his choice, he went home and gave Janine the kittens as a surprise.

Janine is overjoyed to be home with two new kittens. She is ready to give them love and affection, but knows that they need some time to get used to their new home. When Fritz and Gizmo first came home, it took them a while to adjust to Janine and her family. At first, they were really shy, but as the two kittens grew more confident, they quickly came out of their shells.

The cute cross-eyed tiny kitten transforms into a beautiful cat that makes everyone smile

Fritz had become a true extrovert and a mother’s girl, she would lie on Janine’s arm and purr like a little baby. She developed her personality so quickly, she and her sister really became super friendly and super cuddly. We’re not the only ones who love Fritz’s adorable looks.

Fritz has crossed eyes but Janine assures that Fritz is completely healthy, her appearance is genetic as her biological brother is also crossed. Fritz is neither sick nor disabled. “She’s not blind, but she doesn’t have the best eyesight.”

The cute cross-eyed tiny kitten transforms into a beautiful cat that makes everyone smile

It’s been six years of fun and companionship since Fritz and her sister Gizmo joined the Janine family, putting looks aside for the loving and caring Fritz in her forever home.

Janine was so happy when her father decided to go home with two kittens instead of one on that day six years ago.


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