Unbelievable Moment: Giant Whale Emerges Like a Divine Being

Photographer Douglas Croft, while out at sea one day in April, unexpectedly captured a magnificent, extremely rare image of nature.


According to Croft’s memory, he set sail that day on purpose because it was salmon season, thus attracting humpback whales back to Monterey Bay, California, USA to look for food. reserve for summer.

Humpback whales are large animals, with an average length of about 15 m and weighing more than 30 tons. This species of whale is found near the coast, they mainly eat small molluscs such as shrimp, zooplankton and other small fish. Humpback whales only feed in the polar regions in the summer and then migrate to warmer waters near the Equator in the winter.

Despite its large body, humpback whales possess a special ability, which is jumping up out of the water. To do that extraordinary thing, the whale will gain momentum with a few tail flaps and then launch itself, launching itself out of the water.

The entire massive body of about 30 tons can jump dozens of meters out of the water before returning to the sea with a wagging tail.

With his experience, the photographer said, “The whale jumped out of the water several times before I chose a location to take the photo. Many times the whale jumped over and over again on the same spot.” point, so I’m still patiently waiting for its next jump to operate”.

Sự kết hợp ngẫu nhiên giữa chiếc tàu đánh cá và con cá voi lưng gù tạo thành tác phẩm tuyệt đẹp.
The random combination of a fishing boat and a humpback whale creates a beautiful work.

While most people chose to stand on the outdoor deck to prepare to take pictures, Mr. Croft chose a more special place for himself. He wanted to find a good angle so he could catch a panoramic view of the whale’s body in the air while standing near the boat.

Thinking of doing it, he alone crawled below deck to take photos through a window close to the sea surface. Croft’s efforts brought excellent results.

Cận cảnh thân hình khổng lồ của con cá voi lưng gù khi nhảy ra khỏi nước.
Close-up of the humpback whale’s giant body jumping out of the water.

“The humpback whale’s jump right behind the fishing boat shows that it has an impressive size. Although the whale’s jump position is very close to the boat, it gives the impression of increased size, but That also cannot deny the fact that the whale was really big. If I were the fishermen on that boat, I would probably have to change into a new set of clothes,” Croft said.

At first, the photographer said he was quite upset because the fishing boat was blocking his view. However, after reviewing my results, that feeling disappeared, replaced by excitement, because the combination of two random things accidentally created a perfect scene.




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