Top 12 Beautiful Plants for Spilled Pots

#1 Wavy Petunias

Source: Ajishome


The wave petunia is a plant that offers a unique and attractive look that spreads downward and outward. Its flowers will bloom without much effort.

#2 ivy geraniums

Source: Gardenerspath


Ivy Geraniums have much smaller flowers. When ripe, it will spill over the edge of the container. It can survive in shorter periods of intense heat and even drought conditions.

#3 Bacopa

Source: health line


Bacopa displays tiny mauve, pink or white flowers and pendulous stems. It grows well in both light shade and sun.

#4 Verbena

Source: Growjoy


Verbena is a perennial plant that produces impressive flowers from the first year of planting. It is an incredibly heat tolerant plant if you keep it well watered.

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#5 Convolvulus Sabatius

Source: Waterwisegardensjeanmarsh


Convolvulus Sabatius sports lilac-blue trumpet-shaped flowers. It grows happily with plenty of sun.

#6 licorice plant

Source: Gardening Knowledge


The licorice plant has small, felt-like leaves. Its stems will grow and then fall creating a beautiful backdrop and frame for your container.

#7 Golden Creeping Jenny

Source: FrescoPatio


Golden Creeping Jenny is a type of low-growing plant that produces golden-green leaves that cascade from pots. It grows well in shade or sun, and is watered regularly.

#8Zinnia angustifolia

Source: Wikipedia


Zinnia Angustifolia produces large quantities of small flowers but can be heat tolerant. It is resistant to powdery mildew once it starts to leak out of containers.

#9 Scévola

Source: Dutch producers


Scaevola is known as a groundcover that offers small flowers in purple, blue and mauve. It needs full sun, well-drained soil and plenty of water when the weather is dry.

#10 Madagascar Periwinkle

Source: Runtedrun


Madagascar Periwinkle is planted as a flowering ground cover. That’s why many gardeners choose to grow it to trail over the sides of containers.

#11 Nasturtium

Source: Apple seed


Nasturtium produces bright, cheerful, edible flowers, along with a pretty little mound of water-lily-like leaves. Favors cultivation in the coldest seasons.

#12 Black Eyed Susan Vine


Black-Eyed Susan Vine produces a small five-petal flower that comes in white, peach or yellow and will grow in clusters. When it grows, it is time to start overflowing, giving it a cascading appearance that gardeners fall in love with.

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