The image of my parents after a week announced that they kicked me out of the house, because they “found my biological son”

It happened that the boy sent the cat back to his hometown to be raised by his parents because he was busy doing an internship away from home. The parents said “don’t bring the hairy baby here, I’ll kick him out of the house”.


However, after 1 week of returning, those words of gold have changed from white to black

The cat, named Min , is very pampered by the owner, so his face is quite haughty, and he doesn’t know how to live in harmony with his grandparents.


Despite the “president and his wife’s” objection, the young man boldly brought it home to entrust. From utensils, food, sleeping places,…. nothing is left


And here is a picture after 1 week of staying with grandparents:


Baby Min is a cold, unapproachable cat who always shows a difficult face, but for some reason , every time he hears his father call him, he stands at the door to welcome him.


Parents are busy taking pictures of cats and dogs anytime, anywhere, even showing off photos on social networking platforms, groups…


The corner is proud of “my child, he is fierce, obedient, soft” . The son clamored “why didn’t you tell me in the first place”


From here on, the guy officially became a stepchild because his parents found their “gut”.

Each time the three bags before a business trip Min will lie on the suitcase and do not want to leave.


So after only 1 week, Min has become an indispensable part of the whole family . Now my parents don’t even want my brother to bring Min back to the city . Min wants to live in the pampering of her parents who no longer care about the master.



The brother is like “who cries for this pain” , since when did parents say without keeping their word “why don’t you get rid of it” huhu

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