Ronaldo set the ‘worst record of his career’ at EURO 2024

Ronaldo set the worst record of his professional football career by not scoring in the group stage of Euro 2024.

Ronaldo is in very good shape ahead of competing at EURO 2024. The forward born in 1985 is expected to shine and set unprecedented records at Europe’s biggest football festival.

However, after 3 matches in the group stage of Euro 2024, Ronaldo did not score a goal. CR7 only had 1 assist, which was a pass for Bruno Fernandes to score against Türkiye.


Ronaldo has not yet scored at EURO 2024 (Photo: Reuters).

EURO 2024 is Ronaldo’s tenth major international tournament with Portugal. In previous tournaments, Ronaldo scored at least 1 goal in the group stage, but at Euro 2024 he failed to score. Calculated, CR7 has failed in the last 10 games in international tournaments.


Ronaldo could not hide his disappointment after being substituted in the 66th minute. The 39-year-old’s biggest highlight on the pitch was his tough attitude when demanding a penalty in the first half, which led to referee Scharer showing him a yellow card. . Photo: Alamy.

Although he has yet to score at Euro 2024, Ronaldo made history after the game against Georgia. Specifically, Ronaldo became the first European player to make 50 appearances in the final rounds of international tournaments. Ronaldo currently has 210 appearances for Portugal.


Ronaldo and Portugal won the ticket to the round of 16 of Euro 2024 at the top of group F. The opponent of the Euro 2016 champion in the round of 16 is Slovenia. This match will take place at 2:00 am on July 2 (Vietnam time).

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