Over 25 Unique Succulents and Cacti to Add to Your Collection

Explore the vast world of specialty succulents and cacti with their different shapes, sizes and colors, best for indoor and outdoor gardening.

In this article, we will look at 25 unique succulents and cacti that you may like as follows:

Vıola Dasƴphƴlla


Vıola Dasƴphƴlla, also called “fernleaf violet,” is a unique succulent that has delicate fern-like leaves and small violet flowers.

Obese Euphorbia


Euphorbıa Obesa, also known as “baseball cactus,” has a unique round shape and can grow up to 8 inches in size.

Echeverría Setosa Dımınuta


Echeverıa Setosa Dımınuta is a unique succulent with delicate rosettes of small, hairy leaves that blush when exposed to bright light.

Queen Victoria Agave


The Queen Victoria Agave, also known as the “plant of the century,” is a unique succulent that can live about 25 years and only bloom before dying.

Senecıo Artıculatus Varıegatus


Senecıo Artıculatus Varıegatus, also known as the “light plant”, is a special succulent that has thin and delicate leaves variegated with white and green.

Rainbow Hedgehog Cactus


The rainbow hedgehog cactus, also known as “Echınocereus rıgıdıssımus”, is a unique cactus with colorful spines ranging from red to purple.

Mammıllarıa Matudae


Mammıllarıa Matudae is a special cactus that has small spines and pink flowers that bloom in spring.

Sempervıvum Arachnoıdeum Hƴbrıd


Sempervıvum Arachnoıdeum Hƴbrıd, also known as cobweb immortelle, is a distinctive succulent that has cobweb-like hairs covering its leaves.

Cactus Caterpillar


The caterpillar cactus (Gƴmnocalƴcıum Saglıonıs) is a distinctive cactus that has a green or yellow body and long spines; It looks like a caterpillar.

Larrƴleachıa Cactıformıs


Larrƴleachıa Cactıformı, also called “leachıa cactus”, is a distinctive succulent that has a cactus-like appearance with long, thin leaves.

Sclerocactus Uncınatus


Sclerocactus Uncınatus, also called “connected hook cactus”, is a special cactus that has very long and curved spines that look like a fish hook.

Sulcorebutıa Rauschıı


Sulcorebutıa Rauschıı is a unique cactus that has a compact body and vibrant orange-red flowers.

Crassula Ovata Hobbit


Crassula Ovata Hobbıt is a distinctive succulent that is a small dwarf variety of the popular Jade plant and is known for its small size and plump, round leaves.

Huernıa Schneıderıana


Huernıa Schneıderıana is a distinctive succulent that has a distinctive shape and beautiful star-shaped flowers that are usually pink or red.

Titanops Calcarea


Tıtanopsıs Calcarea is a distinctive succulent that has small, fleshy leaves covered with a grainy white finish.

Aloe Marlothıı


Aloe Marlothıı, also known as “bergaloe,” is a distinctive succulent that can mature up to 20 feet tall and has large, thick leaves.

Tradescantıa Sıllamontana


Tradescantıa Sıllamontana, also known as ‘spiderweb’, is a distinctive succulent that has delicate, thin leaves covered in white spiderweb-like hairs.

Aeonium Urbıcum


Aeonıum Urbıcum is a special succulent that has small compact rosettes of leaves that are usually green or yellow.

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Source: Garden Lover

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