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In the past, some cacti were planted in my house and, each flowering season, the corner of the garden was filled with the colors of the eight flowers. Although it is thorny and dry, the leaves are green all year round and the flowers are vibrant, which is why my family loves it. For some reason, I find the Eight Immortals flower extremely attractive and possesses a particularly strange beauty. Additionally, the Eight Immortals cactus is extremely easy to grow and care for.

Image of eight immortal cacti.


Cactus of the Eight Immortals, the scientific name is Euphorbia milii. This flower appears prickly, but during the flowering season it produces bright colors. This is a plant introduced from the native region of the island kingdom of Madagascar. In Vietnam, the tree is also known as crown of thorns flower or eight fairies flower. The Eight Immortals cactus has bright flowers and diverse colors. Not only that, the design of the plant is unique, making it popular with many people.

Although the Eight Immortals cactus is thorny, it has attractive beauty


The Eight Immortals cactus belongs to the species of thorny cacti. The stems are quite diverse in color, such as green, reddish brown, violet brown, etc. Like other types of cacti, the stems have thorns and latex, the Eight Immortals cactus has very diverse thorn designs, from single thorns to thorns. double. As the tree ages, the trunk turns grayish white, dries out and wrinkles.

The leaves of the Ocho Inmortales cactus are divided into many types, depending on the living conditions and age of the plant, as well as the position of the leaves, creating leaves with different shapes, such as long oval, round oval and lanceolate. . The leaf blades are usually bright green, but some varieties have a fresh green color.

The Eight Immortals cactus has flowers in a variety of colors such as blue, red, yellow, etc. When flowering, the flowers usually grow in clusters under the axils of the leaves, so the plant produces very beautiful and long-lasting flowers. The flower stem is long and on the outside there are 2 bracts of the same color as the flower. The flowering time of the flowers is very long and lasts between 2 and 6 months.

The Eight Immortals cactus, like succulents, has strong vitality, can withstand dry heat and drought very well, and has a very long lifespan.


Eight Immortal cacti have unique flower colors


Cacti are plants that usually live in arid deserts, an environment that is arguably the harshest on the planet. Cacti with their intense vitality, resistance and ability to adapt to the environment make us admire them. dress.

The Eight Immortal cacti also have the meaning of repelling evil spirits and neutralizing them, bringing luck and happiness to the family. However, you should pay attention to the proper placement of the Eight Immortals cactus to avoid bad feng shui in your living space.

Furthermore, with the representation of love, the cactus of the Eight Immortals is also the crystallization of effort and intense love, symbolizing eternal love or the secret love that the other person hides. heart.

The Eight Immortals cactus has a special meaning


The Eight Immortals cactus has high vitality and can live in hot weather conditions with few nutrients, so it does not require too much during the growth process.

Adult Eight Immortals cactus


About the light

The Eight Immortals cactus belongs to the cactus family, so it has the ability to adapt very well to hot weather conditions and can withstand direct sunlight. If the plant does not receive enough light every day, it will grow and develop slowly, become sterile, and may stop flowering.

About irrigation water

Above is the basic information, as well as how to propagate, plant, and care for the Eight Immortals cactus flower. We hope this information helps you a little in the process of growing an eight fairy cactus that produces bright flowers <3.


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