Lion Goes Viral for Its Astonishingly Impressive Mane

With his shiny appearance, Leon the lion is currently the most famous star of Usti nad Labem Zoo, Czech Republic. Not only does it attract a large number of visitors, this dashing lion is also considered a “hot boy” that stands out among the lions here.


Leon the lion with his “notebook” mane has become legendary.


Since moving to the Usti nad Labem Zoo in 2005, this Congolese lion has had a mane parted in the middle as if he had just stepped out of a hair salon. Leon’s stylish mane has raised many questions about whether he has been cared for in the best conditions by zoo staff.

Whether rolling around on the green grass or resting on a rock, Leon is always a “beautiful man” of the zoo. It always receives admiring looks from visitors.

It is known that living with Leon is his sister Ronja and another lioness, Kivu, who just moved in at the beginning of this year.


Shiny mane like just stepped out of a beauty salon.

Even though Leon is struggling, he is still beautiful in the eyes of tourists and lionesses.

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