How to make “wild cats” fatter: “I eat a lot of skinny children”

The funny story of my family, the story is that one night in the garden appeared a yellow cat . And from here, my mother’s cat care begins


Although I have confirmed that this is the house cat at the top of the block, not a “wild cat” . But with her sad eyes, her hungry look made my mother’s heart flutter . How many foods from domestic cats are brought to the garden to invite this little yellow cat


So every night, every noon, every morning, this little cat would come over to my garden, cry “poor” and wait for her mother to pay tribute.


It’s too much to say, looking at his fatter and fatter appearance, he is definitely well taken care of by the owner, and even my mother takes care of me for 3 meals.

After a while, it seems that the small cat has difficulty walking, jumping the wall is also slow because it is too heavy . I told him to lose weight and he was scolded by his mother “where you are fat, you are fat”


It went on like that for a whole month, but this “wild cat” just stopped by to eat and then turned around and left . Although my mother used all sorts of tricks to invite her to stay at home, the cat still didn’t care much


Now her 3-round body like 1 is the result of my mother . If the cat owner’s family is actively losing weight for her, will there be a conflict with my mother like this?


I don’t know how to advise my mother, and seeing the food, the cat’s face is so happy that I don’t know where to stop…


Anyone have a good way show me. Do all parents treat dogs and cats like my mother ??? huhu

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