Evidence Reveals Wild Foxes as the Planet’s Most Thrilling Animals

In the perceptive eyes of photographer Roeselien Raimond, foxes are masters in enjoying life.

Even if it’s just small and simple pleasures, they still know how to make them the most interesting in their own way.

Because he loves foxes so much, this Dutch nature photographer only focuses on capturing the beautiful moments of this animal in the wild.

The thing she loves most about foxes is that they always show love in every situation.


Even in pain, fear, cold or hunger, they are still very, very free.


From foxes, she also learned how they enjoy life.


At times like that, she just stood there looking at them, enjoying the fresh air and feeling every ray of sunlight touching her skin.


Based on his experience, Roeselien noticed a clear contrast when starting to photograph wild foxes: the more he tried to take beautiful photos, the more… unsatisfactory the results were.


Explaining this, she said, if we approach too closely, any animal will sense it and will turn on alert mode.

(Source: BP)

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