Cat Continues to Be Loving Despite Losing Her Sight Unnoticed

ats with problems frequently have no idea that they are different from other cats. A cat with special needs can be as lively, inquisitive, and affectionate as any other cat. Moet the Blind Cat was born in the Sultanate of Oman, and her start in life was far from ideal. She ended herself at a lonely pet store, confined in a metal cage with other kittens.The other kittens left her side one by one as she was picked over. She fell ill with cat flu very quickly, and the illness spread to her eyes. She became worse by the day, alone and totally ignored. This lovely white Persian kitten needed to be rescued as soon as possible.
Thankfully, her condition was found by Al Qurum Veterinary Clinic in Muscat, Oman. They were able to rescue her, but they were unable to preserve her eyes. Her eyes were seriously infected, and she needed emergency surgery to remove them.

Moet’s life was permanently transformed six days later. She was helped to come out of her shell when she heard a woman’s sweet voice. She had no idea how nice humans could be until that time. Moet was enamored with her and rolled over for a belly rub.

Emily, the lady who fell in love with Moet at first sight, thought she belonged with him for the rest of her life. Since September of 2014, she’s been living there.

Everyone, Meet Moet the Blind Cat, a lovely cat who was abused and tortured as a kitten but is now making the most of her nine lives.


I caught up with Emily and asked her a few questions about this stunning young lady whose grin will bring a smile to your face.

How would you describe Moet’s personality?

“Moet is a happy and loving cat, however she gets bored easily (I assume because she can’t sit and look around like other cats). She requires a lot of fun and attention, despite the fact that she is not a lap cat.”


What is anything unique about Moet that you would like people to know? “Moet donates the proceeds from her online store and book sales to a local volunteer animal rescue group. We give 100% of our profits to charity. Apart from that, I think the second reason is because she is simply incredible and capable, and many people who meet her in person wonder whether she is indeed blind! (TO VISIT MOET’S STORE, CLICK HERE)

Is she sharing her home with any felines?

“We do have another rescue cat named Luna,” says the owner. Al Qurum Veterinarians, the same vets who saved Moet’s life, adopted her.”


Her coat is beautiful! Is she in need of any extra support to keep her beauty? “She doesn’t actually need help, but she does beg for it by cleaning her teeth several times a day. She enjoys having her hair brushed.” Do you want to follow Moet the Blind Cat on social media? Take a look at her links below! Also, don’t forget to check out her website, which can be found here.


I’d want to express my gratitude to Emily for saving Moet, helping other stray cats, and allowing me to share her inspiring tale with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. In my opinion, you are Moet’s angel and a hero!

Don’t forget to share this story with anyone you know who loves purrfect happy endings!

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