Amazing Observation of Two White Orcas Together in Japanese Waters


Incredible Encounter: Two White Orcas Seen Together in Japanese Waters

Whale-watchers off the coast of Japan were treated to a truly remarkable sight as they witnessed a once-in-a-lifetime event – two rare white orcas swimming together as part of the same pod. The awe-inspiring encounter took place in the Kunashirskiy Strait, a 20-mile stretch of water between the northern islands of Hokkaido and Kunashir, during a whale-watching tour on July 24.

Mai, an employee of the Gojiraiwa-Kanko tour company, described the extraordinary spectacle. She noted that one of the white orcas was older, displaying slightly darker skin, while the other was younger and had noticeable scratch marks down its back. The older whale had been spotted approximately two years ago, but this was the first time Mai had seen the younger animal and the first time both of them were seen together.


It was the best day ever. This is the first time two white orcas have been seen off the coast of Japan,” Mai exclaimed, clearly overwhelmed by the rarity and significance of the sighting.

The two white orcas are part of a pod consisting mostly of normal-looking orcas. However, these particular individuals are believed to carry a genetic trait that partially removes pigmentation from their skin, resulting in their striking white appearance. Although they are not considered true albinos, lacking any skin pigment, they are classified as having leucism, a term encompassing various conditions where animals produce some melanin but exhibit whiter or patchy white skin.

The presence of white patches traditionally found around an orca’s chin and eyes is still visible on these two remarkable animals. Their eyes, unlike those of true albinos, retain their dark coloration. The younger orca also bears visible scars on its side, with the scar tissue appearing darker than the surrounding white skin, indicating healing.


White orcas and whales were once so rare that they were believed to be mythical creatures. However, sightings of these extraordinary animals are becoming more frequent. Scientists are aware of at least five white orcas alive today, suggesting that their occurrence is increasing. This phenomenon may be attributed to a decrease in the overall population of these whales, leading to reduced genetic variation and a higher likelihood of rare traits manifesting.


The exact effects of the white coloration on these orcas remain unknown. However, their conspicuous appearance could potentially hinder their hunting abilities and attract more attention from rival groups. Despite these potential challenges, the presence of leucism is not always detrimental to an animal’s survival. For instance, the white-colored Kermode bears, thanks to a recessive gene, have been found to catch more fish as their prey has a harder time spotting them.

The sighting of two white orcas swimming together off the coast of Japan serves as a poignant reminder of the diverse and enigmatic marine life that inhabits our oceans. It is a testament to the wonders that await us in the depths, and a call to protect and conserve these magnificent creatures for future generations to marvel at.



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