A man is seen on camera leaving a kitten in a box outside of a pet store.

At dawn, a Jeep pulled up to a shopping center in Mobile, Alabama. A guy got out of the vehicle with a box of Pampers diapers in hand. After walking towards a pet store that was still hours away from opening, she carefully placed the package by the entrance before quickly leaving. Later that day, Margie Morris walked out of the neighboring building that houses Project Purr Animal Rescue, a cat sanctuary and adoption center. She realized she had left her coffee cup in the car and hurried across the parking lot to retrieve it.


Morris, who runs the Purr Project, shared that he initially dismissed the slight meow he heard, thinking he had made it up. However, as he was returning to his car, he heard it again. He then went to Jamie Klein, another volunteer, and reported what he heard. Together, they decided to look outside for the possible kitty in distress. Despite their best efforts, they were unable to locate the source of the meowing even after scouring the nearby area. It wasn’t until Klein noticed a box of Pampers located near the entrance of a pet store that they finally found the kitten.


When Morris went out to get his cup of coffee, he came across a little kitten inside a cardboard box. The kitten was just a few weeks old and seemed cold and clammy. Without hesitation, Morris took him in and placed him on a warm blanket with a heating pad underneath to keep him comfortable. It was freezing outside, and the poor cat would have gone unnoticed until the pet store opened if Morris hadn’t come out.


In the evening, Morris received a copy of the pet store’s security camera footage. The video showed the man abandoning the kitten, but unfortunately, his face was not visible and his Jeep’s license plate could not be read. Project Purr volunteer Noel Nichols expressed his dismay at the negligent act, saying leaving a helpless kitten without provisions in inclement weather is unfair to the animal and the rescue team trying to help it.


Sadly, it’s not uncommon for cats and kittens to be left behind at Project Purr or at pet stores. Only this year there have been 40 abandoned animals. However, the recently abandoned kitten is innocent and deserves help, which is being provided by Project Purr. The kitty, affectionately named Bing, has a pleasant disposition according to Nichols.



According to Nichols, as soon as you walk into the room, this feline starts purring. She claims that this cat is the most affectionate cat she has seen in a long time, and her adoration is sure to win you over. Nichols also mentioned that the cat has a playful side, as it enjoys pounced on anything dangling. In addition, he has a favorite toy, a stuffed elephant, which he likes to play with. Despite being a small cat, he acts like a big one and plays with his toy with great enthusiasm.


Bing, a cat, is currently receiving excellent medical care as he has a mild form of ringworm, which is a fungal infection of the skin, fur, and nails. In addition, he is underweight, but is being properly cared for. When he is healthy and has undergone the neuter and vaccination procedures, Bing will be up for adoption. It is suggested that he be placed in a home with other pets, as he thrives on companionship, and is described as an extremely affectionate feline.

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