Ultimate Guide to 13 Big Cat Breeds as Perfect Feline Companions for Your Home

Upon initial inspection, cats are typically considered small pets. However, several large cat breeds deserve recognition as substantial animals. These felines aren’t precisely as enormous as lions but surpass the size of most petite wildcats worldwide. Although domesticated cats display their wild instincts, the breeds listed as large have an excellent reputation as pets. Notably, while owning a cat, you will likely be deemed the pet rather than the other way around.
It’s essential to understand that pet cats are only domesticated to a certain degree. Their DNA is surprisingly alike to that of their wild counterparts. Roughly thousands of years ago, cats joined human society “on their own terms,” according to John Gray’s book Feline Philosophy: Cats and the Meaning of Life. Even though they have resided with humans for centuries, domesticated felines still exhibit untamed behavior and instincts. They eat meat, hunt, adapt to new environments, and don’t conform to hierarchies like canines. Only lions are known to live in groups among big cats. For this reason, it’s difficult to teach a cat to follow commands, as they don’t acknowledge you as their alpha leader. It can be humbling to realize this fact.

Purrfect Feline Companions: 13 Big Cat Breeds for Your Home

The British Shorthair is a type of cat with a short and dense coat. They can grow to be 12-14 inches in height and can weigh anywhere from 7-17 pounds depending on their gender. Their lifespan can range from 12 to 20 years. These cats have a calm and affectionate personality, making them great pets for families with children or seniors looking for a cuddly companion. Although they are commonly found with a blue-grey coat, there are various colors and patterns available. When it comes to creating a cozy home for your British Shorthair, investing in comfortable beds may be more important than cat condos as these cats love to nap!

Purrfect Feline Companions: 13 Big Cat Breeds for Your Home

The Chausie is a cat breed that stands at a height of 13-17 inches and weighs between 8-13 pounds (females) and 13-19 pounds (males). Their coat is short and dense, with colors ranging from brown to tan. With a life expectancy of 12-18 years, these cats are known for their intelligence and adventurous nature. If you decide to adopt a Chausie, make sure to provide them with plenty of opportunities to explore as they love to learn and be active. You can even teach them tricks or train them to wear a harness and enjoy outdoor adventures. Due to their high activity levels, Chausies may require more calories than other breeds such as the British Shorthair. These little felines are like miniature cougars exploring their kingdoms!

Purrfect Feline Companions: 13 Big Cat Breeds for Your Home

The Maine Coon is a breed of cat that is well-suited to survive harsh winters in the American Northeast. They are known for their large size, big ears, and long tails, but don’t let their dominating appearance fool you. These cats are actually great with kids due to their playful and friendly personalities. Maine Coons love to be included in all activities, making them social pets. They have a long, silky coat that comes in various colors and can live up to 12-20 years. If you’re looking for a sweet and smart feline companion, the Maine Coon might just be the perfect fit for your family.

Purrfect Feline Companions: 13 Big Cat Breeds for Your Home

The Norwegian Forest is a breed of cat that typically stands at 9-12 inches tall and weighs between 8-12 pounds for females and 12-18 pounds for males. They have a long, double coat that is coarse to the touch, and come in various colors, although they are known for their white and tabby mix. With a life expectancy of 13-20 years, these independent yet loving cats were once used to keep rodents away from Viking ships. Nowadays, they make great family pets but require their own space, including scratching posts and climbing towers. While they enjoy snuggling with their owners, it’s best not to force them into it and simply enjoy their company as they’ll likely follow you around everywhere you go.

Purrfect Feline Companions: 13 Big Cat Breeds for Your Home

The Pixiebob breed of cats is known for their active and loyal personalities, making them perfect companions for households with kids and other pets. They come in various colors including brown, tan, and tabby with long and short hair varieties. Their height ranges from 9 to 13 inches and the females typically weigh between 9 to 11 pounds while the males can weigh up to 14 pounds. Pixiebobs have a life expectancy of 13 to 15 years. Due to their thick double coats and bobbed tails, regular grooming is necessary to maintain their fur and prevent matting.

Purrfect Feline Companions: 13 Big Cat Breeds for Your Home

The Ragamuffin is a feline breed that can grow up to 10-15 inches tall and weigh between 8-13 pounds for females and 14-20 pounds for males. Their coats are medium to long, soft, and dense, coming in various colors. With a lifespan of 12-16 years, this breed is known for its patient and doting personality, making them great companions for children. They enjoy lots of playtime with their favorite person and love to snuggle, much like British Shorthairs. It’s important to note that Ragamuffins tend to love and trust easily, so it’s best to keep them indoors to ensure their safety. Be sure to invest in toys for these cuddly cats!

Purrfect Feline Companions: 13 Big Cat Breeds for Your Home

The Ragdoll cat breed is characterized by its sweet and patient personality, making it an excellent choice for families with kids or people in need of a loving therapy cat. They have long and soft coats with white bodies and pointed markings. These big cats can grow up to 9-11 inches tall and weigh between 10-15 pounds for females and 15-20 pounds for males. They have bright blue eyes that are simply stunning. Unlike British Shorthairs, Ragdolls enjoy being picked up and carried around, but to avoid obesity, they need interactive playtime. They have a life expectancy of 13-18 years.

Purrfect Feline Companions: 13 Big Cat Breeds for Your Home

The Savannah cat is a breed that is known for its exceptional height and agility. They can grow to be anywhere between 10-17 inches tall and weigh between 11-23 pounds, depending on their gender. Their coat is typically short-to-medium length and has a coarse texture. The most common color for this breed is black and brown spotted. In terms of lifespan, these cats tend to live between 12-15 years.

Savannah cats are highly energetic and outgoing with an adventurous spirit. These qualities are no doubt due to their hybrid ancestry which combines domestic cats with wild African servals. It’s important to note that Savannahs are not legal in all 50 U.S. states because of their wild heritage.

Interestingly enough, the three most recent Tallest Domestic Cat winners according to the Guinness Book of World Records have been Savannahs. Although many large cat breeds are known for their weight, these felines have a long and lanky build. Savannahs enjoy high perches and exploring new surroundings.

Purrfect Feline Companions: 13 Big Cat Breeds for Your Home

The Siberian cat is a breed known for its impressive strength and gentle personality. Originally from Russia, these cats have long, triple-layered coats that offer both warmth and protection. Interestingly, some people with cat allergies have found Siberians to be hypoallergenic, though this is not the case for everyone. In general, Siberians are mellow and intelligent pets who enjoy playing with their families. However, their cleverness can sometimes lead them into mischief, as they are quite skilled at sneaking into small spaces. With a lifespan of 10-18 years, Siberian cats make excellent companions for those looking for a loving and loyal furry friend.

Purrfect Feline Companions: 13 Big Cat Breeds for Your Home

The Turkish Van breed of cats is an active and adventurous feline with a lot of personality. These cats have a medium to long, soft coat and are typically white with red, cream, black, or blue markings on their head and tail. They can grow up to 10-14 inches in height and weigh between 10-20 pounds. Turkish Vans are known to be social and smart, always seeking out their next adventure. To keep them entertained, they benefit from toys that offer mental challenges, as they tend to get bored easily. You might find them perched high on bookshelves, as they enjoy heights. Although these beautiful cats are quite rare, you are considered lucky if you get the chance to meet or adopt one.

Purrfect Feline Companions: 13 Big Cat Breeds for Your Home

The Persian cat is a breed of feline that can grow up to 10-15 inches and weigh around 7-12 pounds. They possess a long, thick, and glossy coat that comes in various colors such as black, cream, red, and other patterns. These cats have a life expectancy of 15-20 years and are known for their quiet and sweet nature, although they can be standoffish towards strangers.

However, owning a Persian cat requires some extra effort when it comes to grooming. The cat’s hair tends to be dramatic, so be ready with a vacuum, lint brush, and pet brush before bringing one home. It would be best to take your cat for grooming every six weeks or so to help manage the hair. You can also ask the groomer for a “lion’s trim” to shorten the strands and make them easier to manage.

Despite their grooming needs, Persian cats make great companions as they enjoy lounging around and being affectionate towards their owners. Just be aware that they may need time to warm up to strangers.

Purrfect Feline Companions: 13 Big Cat Breeds for Your Home

The American Bobtail is a feline breed that is known for its friendly and playful personality. Often referred to as “the Golden Retriever” of cats, this breed is smart and docile, making it a great companion. If you’re looking for a cat that will curl up in your lap and stay there, the American Bobtail is the perfect choice – but be prepared to deal with shedding, as they do tend to shed quite a bit. Unlike some other breeds, these cats need human interaction, including regular brushing of their fur and teeth. Available in a wide variety of colors, the American Bobtail has large almond-shaped eyes that are sure to capture your heart. With a lifespan of 13-18 years, this breed makes a wonderful addition to any home.

Purrfect Feline Companions: 13 Big Cat Breeds for Your Home

The Bengal cat is a beautiful breed with a short and dense coat that comes in gold, rust, brown, sand, ivory, and more in spotted patterns. They have a life expectancy of 9-15 years and weigh between 8-15 pounds while standing 13-16 inches tall. These intelligent and curious cats are also quite affectionate, but they need to be socialized when young, or they won’t adapt well to new people. To keep them happy, you’ll need to buy a cat tree and plenty of toys. If you’re away for long periods, consider getting a companion cat for your Bengal.

Owning a large cat breed can be challenging as they require more attention than smaller breeds. Indoor large cat breeds need space to meet their wild cat impulses, but you can recreate outdoor activities inside. Scratching posts, interactive toys, and tall cat towers with high perches are crucial to keeping your kitty’s brain sharp. It’s important to pay attention to your cat’s body language during the grooming process to monitor their health and happiness. Joint issues tend to plague large cats, so if your cat has difficulty walking or jumping, take them to the vet. Finally, choose a breed ideal for your lifestyle and research the breed before bringing them home.

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