The amazing story of a hungry dog who managed to survive by drinking rainwater for months, and his determination in the face of all adversities.

EP tells a powerful story of survival and death and at the same time is a call to brutality and difference.


Aow’s plight was discovered by an unsuspecting plumber, who immediately informed the authorities of the plight.


Emaciated and too weak to stand, Aow’s survival depended on nothing.


Days turned into weeks and Adow’s “Ьаttɩe for the night” became a testament to the domestic spirit that resides within each section.


Over the course of these two days, Aow’s resistance became increasingly fierce.


With each passing day, Aow’s transformation became more noticeable.


Today, Aρow is a symbol of hope, his journey from a pet of skeleton and neglect to a pet that vibrates and captivates the hearts of all those who care for him.


Aow’s story is proof of the power of empathy and reminds us that through compassion and unwavering determination, we can transform lives and make everyone a better place.


As we witness Aow’s radiant transformation, we are reminded that in the depths of darkness there is a ray of hope.


Righteous, let us continue to be guardians of hope and extend our greatest friendship to those who suffer, so that they too may find it in the warm embrace of love, just as Aow did.


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