Revealing Potato: The Adorable Earless Cat Whose Rescue Story Captivated Social Media

Introducing Potato, the lovable earless cat that won over social media with its rescue story - yeudon

Meet Potato, a rescued feline who had to undergo surgery to remove his ears due to persistent tumours. Potato and his ginger cat buddy, Horlick, were both strays in China before being rescued by Carl Leong and his wife. Horlick was adopted first, followed by Potato who still had his ears at the time. However, the shelter later discovered ceruminous adenoma in Potato’s ear canals and flaps, leading the couple to become his foster parents. Sadly, Potato’s previous owner, an elderly woman from Hong Kong, had passed away in 2016, leaving him and other street cats to fend for themselves. Despite his rough start, Potato now enjoys a comfortable life at home with his loving foster family.

Introducing Potato, the lovable earless cat that won over social media with its rescue story - yeudon

Can you spot the difference in the pictures? The cat in the photo has a condition called ceruminous adenoma, which is a tumor that grows in the ear. If left untreated, it can cause pain, hearing loss, and tinnitus. Fortunately, the cat was able to keep his hearing after undergoing a three-hour surgery to remove his ears. However, the tumor returned worse than before in November 2019. After consulting with the vet, it was decided that removing the ear canals and ear flaps would be the best course of action to prevent further suffering. Although the tumor was non-cancerous, the decision was made because the cat was in pain and frequently scratched his ears, causing external wounds and bleeding. Inflammation was also present in his ear canals. The surgery was successful, and the cat, named Potato, recovered well. He was officially adopted after the surgery.

Introducing Potato, the lovable earless cat that won over social media with its rescue story - yeudon

The article discusses Potato, a cat who had to undergo surgery due to an ear infection. Fortunately, his stitches healed within two weeks, and he is now living happily in his forever home. Additionally, Potato and his brother have become influencers on Instagram under the account @no_ear_meow_potato, which has gained 17,500 followers with their cute pictures. Even though Potato’s hearing is less sensitive than before, he is still responsive without any noticeable side effects. Despite his tough personality when he was a stray, he is actually an adorable cat who loves to play and interact with others.

Introducing Potato, the lovable earless cat that won over social media with its rescue story - yeudon

Initially, he was quite timid, but eventually, he became more lively and engaging. According to mediadrumimages/CarlLeong/@no_ea, he exudes a unique charm that radiates positivity on Instagram. In essence, social media platforms should embody happiness and joy. Together with his wife, they encourage more individuals to consider pet adoption instead of purchasing animals, particularly since his breed is the most prevalent type of stray cat found in Hong Kong.

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