Renault 4 2025: The Revival of the Classic Car

Renault will soon return the «four» to the world market.

This model was produced several decades ago. But the new Renault 4 2025 will have nothing in common with its predecessor.

Specifically, this model will become a full-fledged crossover. But the French company intends to improve its off-road capabilities.

New 2025 Renault 4 to get pure-electric power | Auto Express

The first renders have appeared in the Network, revealing potential appearance of the novelty.

Judging by the concept and previously published sketches, the presented crossover will largely resemble the production Renault 4.

The French model features compact dimensions and its body has a square shape.

2025 Renault 4 electric SUV previewed with off-road concept car - Drive

This configuration not only makes a reference to the prototype, but also provides, according to company representatives, better aerodynamics.

Little is known about the production Renault 4. It is reported that it will be based on proprietary CMF-BEV architecture.

Renault 4 2025.

The length of a serial crossover will be about four meters and the size of the wheelbase — about 2570 mm.

It is already known that the French novelty will not receive an ultra-thin battery, which Renault began using on their electric cars.

This is due to design features of the CMF-BEV platform.

The French company intends to make the Renault 4 an affordable electric car.

However, high uncertainty associated with rising prices for car components make the manufacturer not to announce even approximate cost of the future model yet.

Renault 4 2025.

On the other hand, Renault is now working on new electric motors and batteries.

And the company already has successes in this direction. Therefore, it is possible that the novelty will really be a cheap electric car.

Stylistically Renault 4 will remind the predecessor and retro motifs are traced in design.

The radiator grille is notable for its compact size and rounded shape. At the same time, it has a closed design, emphasizing the belonging to the electric cars.

The location of the headlights is similar to that of the original model — they are integrated into the module, but now have a different design.

Renault 4 2025.

Instead of round blocks of lights, LED strips are now used. The body has retained its square shape, and the appearance is now emphasized by massive wheel arch extenders.

Instead of the monoblock of tail lamps presented in the concept, the production version uses two separate modules

Like the original model, the novelty will offer spacious and practical interior, as well as high ground clearance.

Renault 4 2025.

When creating the renders, we used not only patent images, but also photos of the concept car AIR4, which was presented last year.

Its debut was timed to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the Renault 4. The exterior of the novelty will have many references to the original, but the appearance will be modernized in accordance with modern standards.

According to previously announced information, the Renault 4 will get a 136-horsepower electric motor, and the range will be about 400 km.



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