Neglected loyalty: a sad mother dog waits for her owners on the side of the road, longing for an encounter

Dog Rescue Shelter in Mladeпovac, Serbia, received a call about a mother dog and two puppies who had been abandoned outdoors and were lying on the side of the road for days.


The Samaritan dogs tried to feed them, but the mother dog was more protective of her puppies and would not allow anyone to touch them.

When the rescuers arrived, she was hiding in the grass next to the road with her children, trying to protect them while waiting for her children to come and look for her.


But, sadly, I would do it.


She knew, fortunately, that the rescuers were there to help her, so she became pleasant and eager to eat any food that was served to her.

He will return to the grass for the last time after carrying mommy dog and her two puppies and it’s time to make sure he gets more puppies.

He was surprised to discover another one on the grass, just a few meters away from his mother. The puppies were only a few days old and had not yet opened their eyes.

Fortunately, you will be saved just in time and the four will return to rescue you.

Moli, the mother, has been an excellent mother to her puppies. She is comfortable and happy to be with her excellent parents and to sleep in a warm bed instead of being stranded on the side of the road.

The shelter will care for the little family until they are ready to be adopted.


Dog Rescue Shelter is a non-profit rescue organization and one of the few and largest shelters in Serbia.


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