Mansory Cullinan Edition: Luxury and Performance Redefined

Dubai’s ‘P 7’ license plate set a new record as the most expensive license plate in the world after a bidder paid AED 55 million ($15 million) for it.

Now, if you’re wondering why anyone would pay such an exorbitant amount for tuition, here’s why.

The auction held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Dubai raised almost AED 100 million ($27 million) for the One Billion Meals campaign, which aims to combat world hunger.

Mansory Cullinan Edition – The Daily Worlds

Now that the dust has settled on the auction, we’ve seen exactly where the license plate ended up.

A video posted on NVN Motorworks’ Instragram page shows a one-of-a-kind Cullinan Mansory Edition adorned with the expensive number plate.

In the video, the lights turn on and a door opens to reveal the unique SUV sitting in the middle of a car showroom before it starts and slowly drives away.

It is flanked by several other special cars, including a LaFerrari and a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT.

Apparently the Cullinan Mansory Edition had been in the garage being fitted with full PPF protection.

Mansory Cullinan Edition – The Daily Worlds

Dubbed ‘Mansory Linea D’Oro’, the exclusive Cullinan features 24-karat gold leaf finishes throughout and additional gold-plated interior trim.

However, what really makes it stand out is its special paint finish that fades from bright turquoise to dark black.

To finish off nicely, the luxury SUV sits on a set of 24-inch Mansory FD.15 forged wheels.

Mansory Cullinan Edition – The Daily Worlds

Under the hood of a Cullinan is a 6.7-liter twin-turbo V12 that produces 563 horsepower.

But the German tuner worked its magic on the Mansory Edition Cullinan, as it produces more than 600 horsepower and 700 lb-ft of torque.

So, not only does it look amazing, but it also performs like an absolute rocket.

Not that you can really test its potential when it carries such a memorable license plate.

Mansory Cullinan Edition – The Daily Worlds

Mansory Cullinan Edition – The Daily Worlds

Mansory Cullinan Edition – The Daily Worlds


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