LeBron James’s Heartfelt Birthday Message to Bronny on His 19th Birthday

LeBron James wishes his kid, Bronny, a happy birthday.The basketball legend, 38, celebrated Bronny’s 19th birthday on Friday by posting a series of images of the two beaming for the camera.

A Father's Love: LeBron James's Emotional Wish for Bronny on His 19th Birthday

“On and off the court, you’re the goat @bronny!!” said the pleased father, adding the goat emoji to refer to his son as the “greatest of all time.” “Happy Birthday, Son!!!” I’ll always love you, kid. Continue to rise!”

Bronny’s birthday comes only three months after a significant health crisis in which the University of Southern California freshman slipped into cardiac arrest during a basketball team session. He was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, where he was stabilized and released three days later.

According to a statement made by the James family, Bronny was eventually diagnosed with a curable congenital cardiac condition.

“The probable cause of Mr. James’ sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) has been identified following a comprehensive initial evaluation at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center led by Dr. Merije Chukumerije and follow-up evaluations at the Mayo Clinic led by Dr. Michael J. Ackerman and Atlantic Health/Morristown Medical Center led by Dr. Matthew W. Martinez.” The statement added, “It is an anatomically and functionally significant Congenital Heart Defect that can and will be treated.”

A Father's Love: LeBron James's Emotional Wish for Bronny on His 19th Birthday

Despite the gravity of his illness, the family is “very confident in Bronny’s full recovery” and that he will be able to “return to basketball in the very near future.” We will continue to provide media updates while respectfully reinforcing the family’s request for privacy.”

By the end of July, Bronny was back to his former habits, such as going out to dinner and playing the piano with his family. Bronny could be seen smiling as he performed a melody with his smaller brothers in the background in a brief video shot by his father.

“GRAND RISE!!” “God Is Wonderful!” LeBron released a video of his son on Instagram. “YOU ARE OUTSTANDING!!! It’s as simple as that! Young King, keep going!!! We’ll be there for you every step of the way!”

Following the incident, Bronny was claimed to be “doing very well,” according to USC head coach Andy Enfield during a USC practice. “But we simply cannot comment on anything medical.” He’s attending classes and doing quite well in school, and we’re very proud of him.”

A Father's Love: LeBron James's Emotional Wish for Bronny on His 19th Birthday

Enfield went on to say that he expects Bronny to be “a very valuable part of our basketball team” and that he’s already thriving in the classroom.

“So that’s why we’ll miss that here until he gets back,” he went on to say. “But he’s certainly a big part of our team.”

Bronny has long had his father’s backing, with the latter claiming on social media that he is “definitely better than some cats I’ve been watching on league pass today.” In an interview with The Oregonian, he explained that he believed Bronny could “go to any college he wants.” I only need to pick up the phone. Bronny is good enough if he says he wants to go there.”

Following Bronny’s commitment to USC, LeBron told People that he was happy of his son for choosing to attend “a great university.”

“I’m quite proud of him. “This is incredible,” the Space Jam: A New Legacy actor said. “Unless it was one of my great-grandmothers or great-grandfathers or someone way before my time, I believe this is the first James Gang member to attend college.” It’s really thrilling, incredibly humbling, and a wonderful time for our family.”

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