Jeep Wrangler Zandvoort Edition 2023: Ultimate Power and Style

Jeep Wrangler Zandvoort Edition 2023. The Netherlands has created the most driven Jeep Wrangler in the world with an 840-horsepower engine.

2023 Jeep Wrangler High Tide, Jeep Beach editions ready for sand, sun -  Autoblog

The Sam’s Garage tuning studio from the Netherlands has adapted the American frame SUV Jeep Wrangler for driving on the racetrack, the special version was named Zandvoort Edition in honor of the autodrom Zandvoort (located in the city of the same name in the province of North Holland) and a number of stylish cosmetic upgrades.

There are hundreds of shops in the U.S. that are willing to improve the performance of the legendary Jeep Wrangler for off-road driving, but we don’t know of any that would offer a track version of the model — apparently, it just never occurred to anyone.

Jeep Wrangler Zandvoort Edition: 840-сильная версия внедорожника из  Нидерландов

But a unique niche on the market of exclusive cars saw the Dutch entrepreneur Samuel Van Vollenhoven, son of Prince Bernard of Orange, he founded his own tuning studio Sam’s Garage (SG) and will offer the ennobled in the European manner versions of Jeep Wrangler, in particular Zandvoort Edition.

The best-driving Jeep ever - MASTERS EXPO

According to AutoWeek magazine, demand for the Wrangler in the Netherlands has increased significantly over the past couple of years, and this despite the fact that the SUV is now offered here only in a plug-in hybrid version 4xe.

Jeep Wrangler Zandvoort Edition 2023.

But it’s not a problem for SG, the Dutch firm has established contacts with American suppliers because the Zandvoort Edition SUV requires the most powerful donor version Rubicon 392 with an atmospheric V8, and the stock engine is dismantled and replaced by a compressor V8 with 840 hp from America’s Most Wanted 4×4 tuning studio.

Jeep Wrangler Zandvoort Edition 2023.

The chassis has been modified with the help of the Dutch racing team Bas Koeten Racing, but details on the extent of changes are not yet available, it is clear only that installed more powerful brakes and other components that make the frame off-road vehicle on continuous axles suitable for driving on the racetrack.

22-inch forged wheels with sports tires.

The new exhaust system provides the soundtrack appropriate for a sporty SUV.

Jeep Wrangler Zandvoort Edition 2023.

Over the design version Zandvoort Edition also worked well, in this part of the upgrade SG attracted colleagues from the Dutch studio Heritage Customs, which offers unusual body conversions for Land Rover Defender (eg, rusted finish and folding roof).

Mostly redesigned is exposed «common» Wrangler interior, it gets a new luxury-level trim from a wide palette of materials (leather, alcantara, wood, metal, carbon fiber), you can install sports front seats and custom sound system with an unparalleled sound.

Jeep Wrangler Zandvoort Edition 2023.

From the outside, the Zandvoort Edition can be easily identified by the black «mouth» between the headlights, which has taken the place of the traditional Jeep grille.

Sam’s Garage does not disclose the price and performance of the Jeep Wrangler Zandvoort Edition, and all details are available at the request of the customer.


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