Faithful dog: a heroic mission to confront the pumas and demonstrate the value of his guard.


The rescued dog decided to protect his family in his home’s place. He opened the back door of his house and saw a huge dog looking at her.

The 43-year-old fashion designer and civil engineer predicted that her dog Rocky would react the way he did. She remembers Rocky as “sweet and extremely kind” and “he’s not an aggressive dog.”


“I opened the sliding door and as soon as I opened it I saw the man practically looking at me,” Mary told The Epoch Times. “I was ready to chase the dogs. »

Mary Padres, who also runs a dog rescue, acquired Rocky because of his lively personality. Rocky returned the favor to his savior by fighting against him.


“His thiпst protector seized his хintellect,” he stated. “It’s nature to try to save me, it was amazing. «“Fυe absolυtameпte teггіЬɩe. He attacked the pυma. »


Soon, the pυma and Rocky disappeared from sight. Worried for the life of her dog, Mary and her family braved the darkness of the night to look for him, shouting “Rocky! Rocky! » Then I heard barking. But it soon stopped.

He took out litters and began to remove the colipa; After about half an hour of calls, they heard small footsteps running towards them.


“We were unaware of what those quick steps were like, until we realized it was Rocky,” Mary recalled. “He ran towards us and collapsed in our arms.


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