“Cat Island” in Japan – the warmest place on Earth.

The small island of Aoshima off the coast of Ehime Prefecture, Japan is also known as “Cat Island” – where hundreds of cats live.
The island of Aoshima, less than two kilometers long off the coast of Japan, has long been a dream destination for cat lovers. In 2015, it was estimated that there were more than 120 cats living with about 20 residents – most of them elderly pensioners from 50 to over 80.

Cat paradise island in Japan

Aoshima Island, only about 30 minutes by ferry from Ehime Prefecture, was home to more than 900 people in 1945. Fishermen initially brought cats to the island to catch rats on fishing boats. The number of cats continues to multiply.

As time passed, people gradually left the island to go to cities on the mainland to find a living. By 2019, there were only 6 residents left living in Aoshima. The busiest place on the island is the ferry wharf, where twice a day there are dozens of visitors from the mainland to the island to see the cats.

Cat paradise island in Japan

Cats on the island live in harmony with humans. They are not picky about what they choose, but just eat rice, chips or candy from tourists. There are no enemies or threats on the island, hundreds of cats calmly roam everywhere. In 2018, the cats multiplied to 200. To control the number of cats, officials have sterilized some of them.

There really aren’t too many things to do or attractions on the island, no hotels, restaurants, transportation, grocery stores or vending machines. Tourists should bring their own food and drinks and take their trash home after the tour.

Cat paradise island in Japan

This is not a tourist paradise, but for cat lovers – just watching these animals lying around sunbathing, walking on the streets or cuddling each other… is also an interesting enough experience.

Local people are not too welcoming to tourists, they are not upset but just want to live peacefully on their own island. Because the island is very small, many tourists accidentally walk into a resident’s house.

Cat paradise island in Japan

Bryan, vlogger of Didi & Bryan Travels channel, shared about his visit to Aoshima Island in June 2022 that he felt the cats were facing a difficult future. Because they depend on humans, the island is increasingly deserted.

Cat paradise island in Japan

“After a long day of sightseeing, as we prepared to leave, we kept looking back at the island with concern about the sad reality here. When the cats were sterilized and the island had no more young residents Come on, maybe in just a few years this place will be completely abandoned. If you want to visit the island, go now,” said Bryan.

He thinks tourists can help Cat Island by visiting this place and bringing food, drinks, toys, and spending time with the cats. Besides, contribute to the donation box to help local people.


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