As her life slowly faded away, he fought to hold her up, positioning himself in front of her like a protective shield, a moving gesture of love and sacrifice.

The mother was chained, unable to protect her cubs or escape the situation. She was slowly dying and the only person who cared about her until that moment was her own puppy, the only one left. One of the saddest scenes we have witnessed occurred between them during the rescue.


The cub was constantly trying to lift his mother, who couldn’t even stand, and stood in front of her to protect her. We don’t know if he will survive, but he is still by her side. We want to shout from the rooftops that this is a crime, that it is inhumane, that this person should be arrested.

We took them to the veterinary clinic. They were almost starving. We gave them some food first. They ate voraciously.


The mother dog was very weak and her puppy was trying to protect and save her all the time. Look at that love and kindness between them.

Now the mother dog can stand up, but she is very weak. We believe it will not survive. We named the mother Arizona and we named the brave pup Texas.


Three days later and after doing everything we could, our mom Arizona is gone! We have no words to describe the sadness we feel at his departure and the void he will leave for his puppy. He cried from the moment she left. It hurts too much to see this separation, guys.


On Monday, Texas started coughing a lot. They took him to the vet and it is suspected that he has pneumonia. The treatment has already started. But he still needs help getting blood tests, x-rays and staying in the hospital. Texas has suffered enough and what we wish for him most is a happy ending.


He watched as his brothers died of hunger, one after another. Although he was hungry, in pain and slowly dying, he decided to stay with his chained mother. And he stayed by her side until she breathed her last. He is a survivor. A warrior. But he’s also just a puppy.


He deserves to be part of a family. Be happy. To be loved. He is very intelligent, has learned to sit, loves the company of humans and other dogs. He is still hospitalized and is responding well to treatment. We are very positive about his recovery.


A month later and today Texas is called Chico. Guess what, his new mom gave him this lovely name. Yes, he found his forever home. She has a charming house, full of flowers, love, caresses, endless hugs and lots of cuddles.


May life be light and happy for you. The future will be different for him and we’re sure mom Arizona is watching, wherever she is.



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