Stray Cats Spark Tourist Boom in Tiny Scottish Village

Many tourists book rooms in the small Scottish town to see the famous cat with more than 7,000 fans.

Parsley is a yellow cat belonging to the Maine Coon family (American long-haired cat), living in the small town of Oban, by the sea in Scotland. The cat is very famous on Facebook with 7,000 followers. Its fans come from many countries such as the US, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, South Africa, Pakistan, Sun reported on January 2.

A small town in Scotland suddenly became crowded with tourists thanks to stray cats

Fiona Campbell Smith, 57 years old, is the owner of the animal. She shared: “People come here to visit the cat, not the town. I have to inform them that it is just a normal cat. But they have never been disappointed when they meet Parsley. It makes them happy.” They had fun during the holiday.”

Many people even sent messages on Facebook to find town address information and ask for suggestions on where to stay. Fiona had to print out all the hotel information and give it to the tourists.

A small town in Scotland suddenly became crowded with tourists thanks to stray cats

She is also calling on the local tourism management board to have direction and projects in her kitty, to attract more tourists. People here also believe that Parsley plays an important role in bringing visitors to the town of more than 8,500 people and needs to be recognized.

The cat’s owner also regularly arranges appointments for people to visit or meet at the local club, the Balmoral Hotel. Parleys even volunteered at a porridge shop, where the animal had his own cat cafe.

A small town in Scotland suddenly became crowded with tourists thanks to stray cats

This animal has a strange habit of often running away from home, from the age of 8 months, and often goes to pubs in town. So Fiona had to put on a GPS tracking device. She discovered that Parsley also visited many different stores, beauty salons, barbershops, relaxation areas, fast food restaurants, and even a distillery.

A small town in Scotland suddenly became crowded with tourists thanks to stray cats

Parsley’s owner shared that every day, the animal wanders an average of 5-6 km. “I once found him at a neighbor’s party. I had to book a taxi there to pick him up when I couldn’t go myself. Parsley also went to two church services on Sunday morning.”


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